Rely on Our Rodent Exclusion Services in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville & Jacksonville Beach, FL

If you hear scratching, see droppings or notice bite marks on the wood in your home, you may have rodents. K & D Roofing & Construction offers squirrel exclusion services and rodent exclusion services. We know how to protect your home from repeat visitors. Through our roof cleaning service, we can check various points of your roof for potential holes. Rodents are known for chewing through barriers to invade your home.

Trust our team to close off all potential entrances to your home. Call 904-541-1700 now to schedule an appointment in Ponte Vedra Beach, Jacksonville or Jacksonville Beach, FL.

We provide a thorough rodent exclusion service

Our team goes through a multi-step process to secure your home from rodents. This process includes:

  • Inspecting, to determine where rodents have invaded your space
  • Identifying, to find weaknesses in your home's protective barriers
  • Sealing off, to close off every potential opening for rodents
  • We'll sufficiently protect your home from rodents and other vermin. To schedule squirrel exclusion services or rodent exclusion services, contact our team today.

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