• Upon Receipt of Signed Proposal, K&D will commence its process for Permit Application and Notice of Commencement with the appropriate governing agency.
  • K&D will notify you and request your color selections and profile selection Materials are Ordered and Inventoried for commencement date.
  • K&D will give you prior notification of scheduled commencement date.
  • K&D's employees and equipment will arrive on scheduled start date, weather permitting.
  • K&D will make provisions to protect your property and minimize demolition debris.
  • K&D transports all construction debris to Licensed Land Fill Facility. The deck substrate will be inspected for water damage and will be inspected to verify nailing requirements for current codes.
  • All necessary Flashing will be installed.
  • K&D will install new Lead Plumbing flashing and replace existing Roof Vents.
  • K&D cleans your site free from any and all construction related debris.


  • K&D is a local Roofing Contractor that is a family owned and operated.
  • K&D is a large firm that has the ability to perform multiple tasks.
  • K&D employees a large staff to meet our customer's needs.
  • K&D warehouses a large inventory. We currently stock thousands of dollars in roofing materials and products. These products are stored inside so that they are in original condition when installed on site.
  • K&D is Certified Applicators of Major Roofing Manufactures. (GAF, Bitec, Tamko)
  • K&D is a GAF Mater Elite Contractor
  • K&D is a Drug Free Workplace Employer.

Key Benefits

  • All phone calls are answered by professional staff members who will help you or direct to the appropriate person who can.
  • Emergency repairs available if necessary.
  • Leak detection service available.
  • Warranty service provided on all repair work performed.
  • Warranty service on all reroof work performed.
  • K&D is a GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor.